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Våra konstnärer

Vi är stolta och glada att få ansvaret att representera följande konstnärers verk:

Erik Andrén 1904-1984

Curt Blixt 1912-2010

Bengt Brattström 1907-1960

Gunnar Dahlin 1911-1994

Iwar Donnér 1884-1964

Christina Hagberg-Sundström 1931-2014

Erik Heffer 1909-1995

Göte Hennix 1902-1997

Hans Erik Ohlsén 1911-1983

Fritjof Pedersén 1923-2018

Sven Sidén 1911-1969

Inga-Greta Solbreck-Möller 1918-1995

Hjalmar Thoresson 1893-1943

Ernst Åkerbladh 1890-1969

Erik Ölmebo 1907-1997

Vill du bli återförsäljare?

Vintage & Arts produkter säljs på ett 20-tal utvalda och dedikerade butiker/hotell/museum etc runt om i Sverige. Har du en butik/hotell eller annat trevligt ställe där du tror att våra produkter skulle passa? Slå en signal/skicka ett mail så skickar vi prover och katalog etc.


Sweden Vintage & Art

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About us

Travel by train was the start of the golden ages of Swedish travel posters. At last there were a lightning fast and affordable way to get around. Travelling by boat on seas and canals had been around for some time but it was mainly for the rich who had time and money to spare. With the trains tourism became something the man on the street could possibly afford.


The way to reach this new market was via travel posters and every proud city and vacation area hired local artist to get them a travel poster. The competition was fierce between the skiing resorts in winter and the beach resorts in the summer. Every season needed a new tourist poster and the old ones were thrown away and forgotten. Until now that is..


We have searched the country up and down to find these treasures and found 52 of them in attics, archives and places you wouldn't believe. Many of them in bad condition. But we have restored them and then printed them in maximum quality for a new generation of lovers of Swedish vintage art design. What is in a way even more important is that we have worked very hard to find out who the artists were and contacted their families to get permission to reprint these masterpieces and also to get to know a little bit more about these artists. They might have been more or less anonymous during their life time but it gives me very much satisfaction to present them with portrait and a short story about them and their careers. I really whished that this work had been done years ago when they lived and could tell their story themselves.  Sorry about the poor english but I hope you get the picture...


Beställa / returer / leverans /

Vi försöker alltid se till att du som kund blir nöjd. Din ångerrätt är 30 dagar då vi återbetalar ditt köp. Returfrakt sker på beställarens bekostnad utom då varan är defekt eller om vi har packat fel. Returer ska skickas som brev eller paket, inte mot postförskott. Vid byten betalar vi den nya frakten från oss till dig. Produkter som inte uthämtas i tid och returneras till oss ersätts ej. Vi kan skicka tillbaka dessa till kund mot portokostnad på 44kr.

How to order

If you want to order, we ship all over the world. Just send us an email or click on the "shop" link. They posters come in format 50x70cm and 21x30cm and as cute postcards.
Price SEK 349 for the big ones. SEK 89 for the 21x30 cm "miniposters" down to 25 SEK for the postcards.

Shipping world wide is free when you buy for more than 51 SEK!

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Contact us. We will reply within 24 hours.


Sweden Vintage & Art

Dalagatan 56b. 113 24 Stockholm

+46 (0)70-795 23 74